About us

Earth 2 Hub™ brings together leading-edge international creatives, scientists, technologists and futurists to explore how new science, new technology and new thinking could positively impact on the future.
During Earth 2 Hub™'s 18 month alpha phase we produced several experimental media projects including Earth 2.0: Initialization short film, which premiered at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival in April 2011; Earth 2.0® magazine and blog, featuring interviews and guest contributions from pioneering thinkers in science, art and digital; the creation of a series of storyboards, illustrations, animations and short films exploring the potential of new science, new technology and new thinking to build a brighter future; the creation of a feature film treatment and script for Earth 2.0: the movie; research, development and design of a virtual 'Earth 2 Hub' where users become avatars able to access and interact with new futurism-relevant data; online hangouts around themes including pop-up cities, smart technologies and biomimetics; participation in several international media projects and events organised by members of our growing network of international collaborators and partners; research and development of a mobile platform for Earth 2 Hub in the form of an app that integrates with our wider digital portfolio; building a social media community spanning Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest
Our multi-award winning website Earth2Hub.com showcases these and other past and present Earth 2 Hub™ group projects. Works in progress include the development of a series of eBooks, including 'The Digital Art of Earth 2 Hub' and further futurism short film projects, developed in partnership with collaborators in science, technology and the audiovisual arts, that harness the very latest in digital illustration, animation, film, web, mobile and publishing.


"Just like the biosphere builds upon and interacts with the geosphere, we have now caused the rising of a technosphere, which in turn builds upon and interacts with the biosphere. Earth 2 Hub leads the way into finding a path into our co-evolutionary relationship with technology that is not only rewarding for mankind, but also for our fellow species and the planet at large."
- Dr Koert van Mensvoort, Director Next Nature Network
“To fully understand the intricacies of our rapidly changing urban environments and to advance genuine solutions for a better planet, a new mindset is required: the analytical and the creative combined as one. Required, also, is a platform for these new thinkers to meet, to encourage, to explore. Nowhere is this more clearly realised than Earth 2 Hub: an inspiring place where people are free to think like scientists and artists at the same time; a place to exchange ideas, to learn and to inspire.” 
- Steve Oxley, Editor, Sustain’ Magazine

"A groundbreaking digital media platform conceived by some of the brightest, most forward-thinking people on the planet, Earth 2 Hub™ encourages the discussion and implementation of cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation by engaging with the global community through social media, cloud technologies, and smart technology."
- InHabitat

"We are at a very crucial time in our evolution with technology - Earth 2 Hub is exactly the type of organization our world needs. Since their focus is on positive change they are drawing together people and groups who share the similar goal of the betterment of the people of Earth."
- Ilana Rein, Writer/Film Director 

"Some people get stuck in the eye of the needle, that we need to get through, if we are to weather the storm and co-create a better world. Others, like Earth 2 Hub, have seen the promised land, or at least are busy imagining what they want it to look like when they get there."
- Dave Hampton, Chartered Environmentalist, The Carbon Coach

“Earth 2 Hub is offering a great space to women who are positively impacting on people and planet. Women who lead on change in communities, with a great sense of connectedness, strong values and a high Future Quotient.” 
- Servane Mouazan, Founder Ogunte


our team

Frank Da Silva

Head of Creative

Frank has been traversing the creative industries since the late 80s. His travels have taken him through the worlds of advertising, online marketing, web development, filmmaking, media production and entrepreneurship. Having previously co-founded two start-ups between 2001 and 2005, in 2009 Frank founded Velatropa Films to produce engaging documentaries and interactive media. In 2011 he co-founded Earth 2 Hub™ and produced and directed the short film series Earth 2.0: Initialization. When not whittling away on Earth 2.0® projects, Frank enjoys science fiction, photography, model building, the great outdoors and swotting up on the latest geek gadgetry.




Head of DESIGN

A multidisciplinary designer, art director and inventor, Mark leads design at Earth 2 Hub™. Having founded his design studio in 1999, Mark has built a legacy of technical and architectural renderings and 3D animations for an impressive range of architects, interior designers, TV stations and post-production companies in the USA, Europe and Middle East. However, his talents don't stop there; Mark has created EV and hybrid designs for the automotive industry, including cars and charging stations, the first of which went on display at the Geneva Auto Show 2011. A globe-trotting bilinguist,  Mark has lived in several countries including Egypt, Hungary, France and UK. A keen scuba-diver, he's never happier than when under the ocean waves.





Chartered accountant Nicholas handles Earth 2 Hub™ operations, including keeping Companies House and HMRC up to speed with what we're doing. A member of Robert Fraser & Partners LLP, a transaction driven specialist financial consulting house in London, Nicholas is also a founder and the CFO of the Be Energy Group of companies, which is an environmentally restorative group of companies, using a triple bottom line basis of operation which combines profitability, social justice and environmental sustainability. Nicholas is an intrepid explorer who loves nothing more than to 'climb every mountain'. When at lower altitudes, Nicholas can be spotted at the opera, galleries and arts festivals. 



Advisory Board


Dr Rachel Armstrong


Rachel has an international platform in sustainability innovation that spans academia and industry. Her award winning work includes being named as, one of the ICON 50 in 2013, a pioneer in Red Bull’s ‘Momentum’ series, Director Magazine Top 10 UK innovators in 2012, in BBC Focus Magazine's top 10 original thinkers and selected as one of BMW/Wired’s Change Accelerators. A Global TED Fellow she is the author of Best-Selling title 'Living Architecture: How Synthetic Biology Can Remake Our Cities and Reshape Our Lives' and co-founder of the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research group at the University of Greenwich.


Dr. Koert van Mensvoort

Dr. Koert van Mensvoort is an artist, scientists and philosopher best known for his work on the philosophical concept of Next Nature, which revolves around the idea that our technological environment has become so complex, omnipresent and autonomous that it is best perceived as a nature of its own. It is his aim to better understand our co-evolutionary relationship with technology and help set out a track towards a future that is rewarding for both humankind and the planet at large. Among his works are the Datafountain (an internet enabled water fountain connected to money currency rates), the documentary ‘Daddy! The Woods smell of Shampoo’, the book ‘Next Nature: Nature changes along with us’, the Fake for Real memory game (on the tensed relation between reality and simulation), the Rayfish Footwear project (about a fictional company that creates bio-customized sneakers from genetically engineered stingray leather) and the NANO Supermarket (a traveling installation that presents speculative future technologies). Van Mensvoort gives lectures worldwide. Furthermore he directs the Next Nature Network in Amsterdam and Next Nature Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology.